Link to my ETSY shop

I am an avid dog lover and we have an especially great dog shelter in our little corner of Ohio.  I can’t volunteer there because I would become a dog hoarder, wanting to bring each and every one of them home with me.  My husband and current fur babies probably wouldn’t care for that much.  The best I can offer to support the shelter, the dogs, and all the great work they do there is to support them financially.  I donate what I can, my Amazon Smile account donates a percentage of my many purchases to their cause, I buy gifts for the shelter at Christmas.  But I want to do more and I’m hoping the sales of my items in my Etsy shop can help me help them even more.

All profits (profits = sales – listing cost – shipping costs – supply costs) will be donated to the Friends of the Morrow County Dog Shelter, the 501c3 nonprofit organization created to support the work of the Morrow County Dog Shelter.  You can find their page on Facebook, here:

I appreciate your support in helping the care for the dogs at our wonderful local shelter!